Saturday, December 01, 2007


The Last Voyage of the Body, Span², Dilston Grove Church, London UK


Unholy Union, California College of Arts & Crafts, San Francisco
Shallow Grave, The Lab, SF
Exhibition-Inhibition, Walter-McBean Gallery, San Francisco Art Institute, SF
A Moving Walk, Dogpatch to the Mission, SF


A Violin In This Dark Shed, San Francisco Art Institute, SF


Road Kill (w/Nancy Crane) Production, London, England


Speaking Names, (w/Alistair McLennan) Art Department Gallery, SF State University
Appointment, King Street, SF


Anne Frank In Jerusalem, 111 Minna Gallery, SF
Piano Concerto, Hermit, Plasy, Czech Republic
Looking for Martin Klapper, Hermit, Plasy, Czech Republic
The Bread Rises to the Window (w/ Jíří Levy) Kozojedy, Czech Republic
An Atmosphere But For An Instant, Southern Exposure, SF


Up Late w/Bill And Hillary (w/Lise Swenson) Yerba Buena Center For The Arts, SF
Metamorphosis of the Text (w/Nina Iskrenko et al.) Intersection for the Arts, SF
Sacred and Profane (w/Kathy Ketman) KUSF, University of San Francisco
A Short History of Communism and Fascism, Worth-Ryder Gallery, U.C. Berkeley, CA
Lullabye (w/Laurie Amat) The Back Room, SF
I'm Not Unhappy, I'm Just Sad (w/Laurie Amat) Homestead, Oakland CA


Heaven Is Just A Parking Lot (w/Knee-Jerk Dance Project) Zaccho Dance Theatre, SF
Blood Conjure (w/Laurie Amat) Intersection for the Arts, SF
Washington HillBillaries: The A Teams (w/Lise Swenson & Laurie Amat) The Lab, SF
Flying Dutchman (w/Laurie Amat) AntiMatter, SF


The Dreams of Albrecht von Wallenstein: Burial (w/Knee-Jerk Dance Project), Stalin Monument, Prague, Czechoslovakia
The Dreams of Albrecht von Wallenstein: Water Děvin Castle, Děvin, Czechoslovakia
Quartet (w/ Nina Iskrenko & Latco Kerata), Klariska Cathedral, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia
The Frigid Bride (w/Nao Bustamente et al.), Klariska Cathedral, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia
The Dreams of Albrecht von Wallenstein: Coal (w/Laurie Amat) Dobřany Psychiatric Hospital, Dobřany Czechoslovakia

Paper Bird, Kunstverein Horn, Horn, Austria
Iron Tree, Kunstverein Horn, Horn, Austria,
Transmission (w/Yvonne Austen) Galerie Theuretzbacher, Wien, Austria
Spuds (w/Yvonne Austen) Shedhalle, Zürich, Switzerland
Thread (w/Yvonne Austen) Shedhalle, Zürich, Switzerland
Vacuum/Weights (w/P. Sidler & J. Lenzlinger) Mehrzweckanlange Teuchelweiher, Winterthur, Switzerland Island (w/Yvonne Austen, Fritz Vogel & Mark Hudson) Helmhaus, Zurich, Switzerland
Old Sod, Small Press Distribution, Berkeley, CA


EuropaBar, De Media, Eeklo, Belgium
Ether, Galerie Fisch, Braunschweig, Germany
Party/Platform, 1st Int'l Festival of Contemporary Art, Moscow Univ. Students' Theater, USSR
Forensics (w/Igor Irtenev), Mayakovsky Museum, Moscow, USSR
Versailles Banquet, Miejski Osrodek Kultury, Bydgoszcz, Poland
Secret Meeting, Klub Kulturka, Piła, Poland
The Thirty Years' War, Stadtbezirkskabinett fur Kulturarbeit Sud, Karl-Marx-Stadt, DDR

Refugee, Galerie H, Kostelec nad Černymi Lesy, Czechoslovakia
Open Market, Prior, Pardubice, Czechoslovakia
Brief Amaze, Dobřany Psychiatric Hospital, Dobřany, Czechoslovakia
Judge Dread, Divadla Dialog, Plzeň, Czechoslovakia
Heimlich Maneuvers, Raum F, Zürich, Switzerland
Gypsy Trial (w/Darkene) Perfomedia Festival, Piazza Municipio, Ponte Nossa, Italy
Puppet Walk (w/Italo Chiodi) Performedia Festival, Clusone-Ponte Nossa, Italy

Open World (w/D. Kamperelic, A. Djordjevic and D. Markovic) Miloš Duríc, Beograd, Yugoslavia
Brief Amaze, Southern Exposure, SF

The Infant Carlos III Dreams of the New World, Justin Herman Plaza, SF (commissioned by Intersection for the Arts Projects/Off-Site Spaces)


This Commemoration (w/Raegan Kelly) New Langton Arts, SF
Brief Amaze, The Lab, SF
Road Kill (w/Margaret Crane) San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery
Road Kill (w/Margaret Crane) Southern Exposure, SF
The Story Of My Life, Artists Television Access, SF
Road Kill (w/Margaret Crane) Academy of Art College, SF
Heimlich Maneuvers (w/Steven Strauss) Intersection for the Arts, SF
Euphoria, Komotion, SF
Road Kill (w/Margaret Crane) The Lab, SF
Road Kill (w/Margaret Crane) Artists Television Access, SF
The Abduction of MJG (w/Margaret Crane) Lyon's Restaurant, Hayward, CA
Heimlich Maneuvers, Artists Television Access, SF


Women Love Stories, The Lab, SF
Making Intelligent Choices In An Intelligent World, Cafe Cafe, SF
Stories Love Women (w/Sue Carlson) Channel Arts, Richmond, Virginia
Stories Women Love, Johnny's Irish Pub, Paris, France
Ausspeien, Festival of Plagiarism, Hochschule fur Bildende Kunst, Braunschweig, West Germany Necromancy (w/Dede Puma) The Lab, SF


Mr. Phonehead, Komotion, SF
Spirit Ceiling Zero, New College of California, SF
Balloonhead, Artists Television Access, SF
Into The Wild Blue Yonder, Media, SF


In The Liberated Zone (w/Jeanne Gallo) Intersection for the Arts, SF
She Was A Really Big Woman (w/Martin Cox & Caitlin Morgan) Intersection, SF
Terrorism: An Annotated Reading (w/Clifford Hunt) Noe Valley Ministry, SF


Home On The Range (w/Jeanne Gallo) New Performance Gallery, SF
Arsondale (w/Jim DiStefano) The Lab, SF


Home On The Range (w/Jeanne Gallo) Polyphonix 8, San Francisco Art Institute
The Drunken Jungle, Eye Gallery, SF
Audience Revolt, Just Press Forum, SF Museum of Modern Art Rental Gallery, SF


Rock Start, Peace Or Perish Benefit, On Broadway Nightclub, SF
Necromancy (w/Michelle Soleau) Student Union Art Gallery, SF State University
Book Burn, Clarion Café, SF
Caravans (w/Sarah Rossell) Post-Science Fair, Golden Gate YMCA, SF
Game Theory (w/Sue Carlson) Spaghetti Factory, SF
Active German Idioms (w/Sue Carlson) Tattoo Rose, SF
The Mummy's Curse (w/Amy Elliott) Tattoo Rose, SF
Sex As Entertainment & Scheherazade/Sub-Text, Tattoo Rose, SF CA


Canned Food Via Satellite (w/Peter Edlund & Zoviet Youth) Ink Gallery, SF