Tuesday, January 14, 1997

Road Kill London

(w/ Nancy Crane) Production, London UK, 1/14/97

Road Kill's co-creator Margaret Crane's sister Nancy is a professional actress & writer living in London. She was the Angel in the London premier of Angels In America. She's talented & fun & graciously agreed to perform Margaret's part when I did it in London at Ingrid Swenson's space Production. I'm certain I drove her nuts because I tried to 'direct' her. First I'd ask her to read her lines as if she were the Susan Hayward of I Want To Live! sitting in the cafe of Petrified Forest, then I'd say no no do it more like Juliette Lewis in Kalifornia only she's 50 years old instead. And next I'd say do it like Karl Malden. What an idiot. Of course Nancy managed to do a fine performance in spite of me.