Wednesday, January 25, 1995

An Atmosphere But For An Instant

Southern Exposure, 1/25/95

While I was installing my large installation Even If Such An Object Outside Us Were Unimportant in SoEx's main gallery space, I realized that I'd never really fulfilled the proposal I'd made to Jon Winet regarding the series of Brief Amaze performances I'd done in Europe in 1990. I'd done Brief Amaze at SoEx right before leaving for Europe & the intention had been to present the mutated version at the end of the European tour. But the European experience had been so overwhelming & created so many other projects during 1990-92 that I'd simply forgotten that original intention.

My SoEx installation was primarily influenced by issues relating to ideological & semiotic transformations in Eastern Europe, so it dawned on me that now would be the time to present this final performance, and inasmuch as the installation directly addressed the "theatricality" of ideological expression, it would be logical to do it inside the installation.

My working script for this performance is posted HERE - and since it is a very descriptive script, I won't write anything more about it here but simply encourage you to read the script.