Monday, January 01, 1990

Tango Planet

Martin Cox

In The Liberated Zone (with Jeanne Gallo) & She Was A Really Big Woman (starring Martin Cox & the voice of Caitlin Morgan), 3/22-23/86, Intersection for the Arts

Calling ourselves Tango Planet, Jeanne & I had partnered to create more experimental theater. Jeanne & I performed in In The Liberated Zone, which was a sort of urban sequel to the more rural post-apocalyse of Home On The range, and as such was co-created in the same manner as the earlier piece. I wrote She Was A Really Big Woman for Martin & Caitlin, while Jeanne & Caitlin co-created a third piece whose name escapes me. The work was all pretty good, didn't - as usual - get much attention from audience or press, which was discouraging. Jeanne & I worked well together & we probably should have done more projects together, but this ended up being the only production by the short-lived Tango Planet.