Monday, January 01, 1990

Road Kill - Southern Exposure


The audience at Southern Exposure was less fragile than the Academy of Art College one but more shockable than the battle-hardened one at ATA. A higher percentage of older, more bourgeois artists & attendees. No one seemed too bothered by us feeling them up. Pinching their nipples through their blouses, stroking their cocks through denim jeans.

The only time anyone got upset was when I tried to carefully lift a woman's necklace of large green stones from around her neck. She grabbed my wrist & started resisting me forcefully. I pressed on, thinking it was important that I assert my dominance, but she was so adamant about protecting her property, so loud in her verbal protestations, that to continue would have changed the performance into something else - something else that didn't seem to me to be very attractive or interesting to pursue - so I left her & moved on.

At some point I sat on Bob Glück's lap & chewed on his neck. After the performance, he invited Margaret & me to perform the piece for in the series he was curating for the Poetry Center.