Monday, January 01, 1990

Road Kill - ATA

Artists Television Access, 2/10/89

Steve Perkins had asked me to do something for a Valentine's Day show at ATA. I'd been wanting to work with Margaret Crane so I asked her if she'd write & perform something with me. Our working styles meshed right away & we quickly started working on a piece that - well - we had both become dismayed that the AIDS crisis had not only killed so many people but it had also repressed the survivors' ability to feel pleasure. Nothing was sexy anymore: parties weren't sexy, openings weren't sexy, no one was flirting. So we wrote a piece about two people who let nothing stand in the way of their pleasure: a brother & sister who were also lovers, Susan & Dave raped & killed people & stole their cars, in the service of the twin pleasures of sex & velocity. In spite of its [pre-Tarantino] superficial subject matter, this was also a sincere attempt to examine the nature of unconditional love. ROAD KILL was a LOVE STORY for the 80's. Here's one version of the script.