Monday, January 01, 1990

Canned Food Via Satellite

Ink Gallery 12.2.82 & 12.9.82

Amy Elliott, Patti Davidson, Lise Swenson & Peter Edlund had formed Zoviet Youth to play Soviet punk rock camp songs at places like the Sound of Music. Desperate to ingratiate myself into their charmed circle, I did menial tasks, designed posters & made a pest of myself until finally they let me play in their sandbox too. Ink gallery wasn't really a music venue, so the sound was lighter, more acoustic, and there were more arty agit-prop sequences. I let Patti drag me around inside a trash bag, slamming me into walls and hurling crockery & invective at me. Finally my bit came: a dual-screen slideshow with accompanying texts, written by me, spoken by me & Peter. All about the north wind howling through the hollow silos of nuclear missiles. It was good, I thought.

Peter Edlund, Amy Elliott, Lise Swenson & Patti Davidson at the Sound of Music, 1982